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While it was known that fall injuries are among the most frequent and preventable causes of injury, health care utilization, and functional decline among older adults, little attention was given to prevention in clinical practice. This website was developed by researchers and clinicians involved in much of the original research showing that falls and injuries are frequent among older adults. The research also showed that this frequency can be lowered by identifying and treating the health problems that lead to falls. The information and materials presented here were developed by researchers at Yale University, collaborating with clinicians in the greater Hartford, Connecticut area to develop methods for incorporating fall risk assessment and treatment into the care of older adults. The Connecticut Collaboration for Fall Prevention (CCFP) programming, protocols and patient education materials are now available for purchase by organizations interested in efficiently and effectively developing evidence-based programming to decrease falls and fall injuries.


The Connecticut Collaboration for Fall Prevention materials and tools are sold to health care providers for use as a guide to implementing fall risk assessment and management strategies known to be effective in reducing falls. These materials do not replace the individualized, personal instruction that is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the program and or safety of individuals. General guidance is provided, but does not address situations or medical conditions that may contraindicate certain recommendations. The Connecticut Collaboration for Fall Prevention assumes no responsibility for any injury or damage resulting from the use of these materials and information.

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The work of the Connecticut Collaboration for Fall Prevention, based at Yale University School of Medicine, was funded by the Patrick and Catherine Weldon Donaghue Medical Research Foundation.

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